Just mention the words “For Sale by Owner,” and realtors cringe. Mention those same words to some sellers and they say with a pumped fist, “Yesss!” So, who’s right? I am on the hunt to find out! It has always been my goal to provide a valuable service to my community and to take care  of the people in it. I'll be asking citizens, other professionals in the field, and clients with past experience to get the full picture. Don't find the value in a realtor? I have two words for you. Challenge accepted. 

For sale by owners are in a market of their own with no license or ethics to violate like realtors, there are hurdles and unforeseen problems many don't realize and no professional to proactively manage the transaction. I have come across sellers who are successful selling on their own, who have given up due to frustration or experienced a sale fail, and some who have even become clients. So what separates them? 



The most common FSBO tool, many are forgoing the sign and just advertising on Zillow? How does this took work? How does Zillow make their money? What laws do they have to abide by? you get some answers? 


I have had many buyers who just don't understand what ducks you need to have to buy a house. Is your a buyer serious? Or are they a couch shopper with a dream? 




Their words....not mine.