Welcome to Bigfork

The definition of a sleepy Montana tourist town could be awarded to no other town than Bigfork. Located at the north east side of Flathead Lake. Bigfork is host to many outdoor enthusiasts with it's multiple marinas, boating outfitters, and golf course. Entertainment culture is also at the heart of Bigfork with it's many elegant dining choices, art exhibitions and the Bigfork summer playhouse. With breath taking views and a small town community those who venture to Bigfork many never want to leave. 

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Bigfork Attractions


Wayfarers State Park  

Area residents in the know will tell you that the best sunsets on Flathead Lake can be viewed from Wayfarers at Flathead Lake State Park. The rocky cliffs along the shoreline offer beautiful vistas of the lake at any time of day. Enjoy camping, boating, swimming.


Art & Cultural Center

For those who want to look, learn, and love. 

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Summer Playhouse

Known by many as the “theater by the bay,” the Bigfork Summer Playhouse is a past recipient of the Montana Governor’s Award for the Arts and boasts our alumni. J.K. Simmons,  OSCAR winner for best supporting actor in WHIPLASH. Come see where Simmons spent 7 seasons on stage and directing. 

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Swan River 

The Swan River is a 95-mile long, north-flowing river in western Montana. The river drains a long isolated valley, known as the Swan Valley, between the Swan Range the east and the Mission Mountains to the west.

Chamber of Commerce


Bigfork Chamber of Commerce 

Located in on HWY 35 (not pictured)