I’m in love with Montana. For other states I have admiration, respect, recognition, even some affection. But with Montana it is love.
— John Steinbeck

Love Montana Living is a lifestyle. 


Hi! I'm Kenzie Staudenmayer, local Flathead Valley real estate agent.  I am a Flathead native and feel blessed to call this corner of the world my home. From snowboarding on Big Mountain and Blacktail ski resorts, boating on Whitefish and Flathead lake, to hiking in God's country better known as Glacier National Park. Life here....... is pretty amazing! 

The love I have for Montana is what I wanted to build my business on. The art of adventure comes easily in the Flathead. Whether with food, events, community, or the wilderness that is right outside your door. There is a certain peace you find in your soul watching the most breath taking sunsets, falling asleep sunburned under the big sky, and enjoying the culture of a small community with wide open spaces. 

 It is things like this that inspired "Love Montana Living"  and it is my wish for you, that you love where you live and love Montana like I do. I hope my website is a reflection of our community and what makes it a special place to live. I am excited to be your guide and look forward to meeting you, until then....... 


Welcome to Love Montana Living


When I first got into the real estate industry and began learning tricks of the trade, I learned one thing very quickly, REAL ESTATE WEBSITES ARE BORING!  Plus, there is a limited scope of services. Maybe a search engine, a few downloads of information on the real estate process, and a personal bio of the agent with some testimonials. Ummmm.....is that it?!  This can't be all we have as agents to offer our clients? 

I started brainstorming and trying to think outside the box. After typing out several ideas and figuratively crumbling up the paper, I was frustrated and blocked. It was until I was hanging out with my mom looking out into her overgrown yard with a stunning view of Big Mountain and all of sudden she looks at me and says, "I love Montana living". At that moment it all clicked.

I was only looking at the small picture and asking "What can I give my client at that very moment?" When in all reality I want to give them a tool for life. To feel connected with their community in terms of local news, events, projects, eateries, and schools. To help with their home well after the sale, showcasing design ideas, organizational tools, how to guides, gardening, and connecting them with local businesses.  In other words, a central hub to your community with ever changing content that is fun and useful to everyday life.  Allow me to be the first to welcome you, I hope you stay a while. 

Cheers to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness. 


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