Love is spelled S-O-L-D

Welcome to Love Montana Living. Unlike traditional real estate websites we do not want to provide you with a search engine to find homes in your local area. Our vision of service and value is so much bigger, after all this is big sky country. 

Real estate websites all have similar models and are usually designed by third parties. I want something different for my website. I want to have control of the content, to being continuously evolving, and for it to be a true reflection of my business. This is why I take on the challenge of creating and managing it, I do not delegate that task to anyone else.  I have devoted much of my time and focus to creating a site that continues to serve my clients, well beyond the sale. The highest compliment is when my clients recommend my website to their friends. Look around, let me know what you think and click the button below to leave feedback. Your opinion allows me to a grow and better serve my community.